Odikwa very valuable somebody

This hen was alive just 5 secs ago and I am not dreaming, omg!!!!!!!!!

This was the argument in my head one of the evenings, last week. While walking, I noticed a hen running across the street and all of a sudden, within 5 secs a bike had run this hen down and this hen had died after briefly struggling for life. I know there’s nothing unusual about a vehicle hitting a hen for most people, it’s pretty much a random event, but for me it was eventful, I mean it shook me- I suddenly became emotional and I think a tear dropped . This was the first time I was witnessing a hen dying casually.

After gathering enough strength to continue walking, the thoughts started coming. Is this how people die casually? One minute you are walking/running, the next minute you’re dead? Is this life even meaningful/ worth living? Is this how people will just forget about me like I never existed? Am I even valuable to anyone? and I concluded my thoughts with “O God please tell me my life is not like that of a hen, I don’t want to die like a chicken”.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and ordained thee a…”

Jer 1:5 was the first response I got to counter my thoughts.That day,  I saw God making me understand that I was more valuable than a chicken. A chicken’s destiny at best value is to be eaten to supply protein to my body and so trying to liken my existence on earth to that of a chicken was me devaluing myself. Like me, You have been formed in the image and likeness of God, your life is not a mistake/a coincidence/by chance, you are a well thought out masterpiece of God ordained for a specific purpose.

As His daughter, even the very hairs on my head are all numbered (Luke 12:7) and so no evil will befall me nor will any disaster come near my dwelling place (ps 91:10) because I am precious and honored in His sight (1sa 43:4).

Then He continued, My daughter you are valuable to me, you have been bought with a price and You have a glorious destiny. “The thoughts I think towards you are thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end” – Jer 29:11


This expected end is to enjoy being blessed, be fruitful, increase, replenish the earth, subdue it and take dominion (Gen 1:28) in territories that He places me (and as it stands I am placed in Lagos, in Nigeria, in Africa, in the world to do more than just occupy space).

You’re valuable to God regardless of present circumstances, so don’t entertain other suggestions and more importantly don’t depend on others to make you feel valuable (that’s a settled case). You are not on earth to mark register or add to the number and your life is a purposeful one that was carefully arranged by God. You have been chosen, set apart, appointed and preserved for greatness so I’ll advise that “you talk/relate more with Him so you can fully understand what His plans are“. Remember life is a gift (a valuable one at that) and to whom much is given much is expected.





Otherwise life will choose for you

“awon to wa ni U.S gan mo pe Adeboye ti resign” (Even those in U.S know that Adeboye has resigned) was what I heard last Monday morning as I was walking hurriedly to catch the next bus. It took me about 10 mins before the wisdom in what I just witnessed sank in.

Earlier that morning, I noticed some newspaper vendors(mobile vendors) on the road and I remember wondering how those vendors managed to still be in business, I mean do people still buy newspapers? I didn’t even expect to see that 90’s sight (where about 20 persons are gathered in front of a stationed vendor and are flipping pages of the newspapers, commenting passionately and hardly buying them) roughly at about an hour later.

Who knew that there were still such people in town? don’t they have where to go to this beautiful Monday morning? Is this news not even old, what could have triggered this idle chat? are they going to get paid for all these comments they are making? were few questions that came to mind that day.

As I was pondering on the matter it suddenly occurred to me that another discussion must have led to the one I heard and the one I heard must have led to another topic of discussion, which got me thinking…

Life is on the move whether we decide to move or not; our indecision is however going to make life dictate to us.


I still find it hard to believe that January is gone (we just said HNY for crying out loud) and I recently learnt that it is actually the longest month of the year meaning 2017 is gradually coming to an end *sad but true*. Most of us started the year with goals, plans, desires, etc; and I hope we are still running with them.

2017 is not going to wait for you to adjust your sails or rest, it will keep moving regardless of circumstances which is why you have to keep moving. Don’t let life make a decision for you, make a decision today and stick with it. Like the game of football, there are spectators, commentators and key-players in life, the role you play is firstly your choice to make after-which your indecision will make life to choose for you. Permit me to remind you that life is short which is why every moment must count.



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Are you sure you know what you’re doing? 

I still remember the day I made a resolve to always ask for directions when I don’t know the way. Prior to that day, I used to tell myself that I was smart and could easily put 2 & 2 together to get to my destination and so I never used to ask people for directions. It was actually a sort of pride for me to arrive at an unfamiliar destination without asking for directions from anyone (I’m sure I’m not alone in this).

On this particular day, I initially expended energy on the road for about 20mins with my Leggedes Benz without getting the location of the Organisation I was visiting. It was at this point that I decided to ask for directions and I was told that  my destination was actually where I started my Isrealite journey(long walk) from and so I had to walk back. You can imagine that it wasn’t even funny.

I really thought I knew what I was doing and I was convinced that I was on the right track. Alas, I ended up wasting time (that can never be recovered), arriving late for the appointment and wearing myself out. My saving grace was that the people I was going to meet gave room for African time that day (Thank God that I didn’t work with African time). But the real issue is that Life doesn’t give room for African time.


We all know how mean life could really be; and that’s  the reason why we need to go on in life journeying with the right guide. Lets be frank, most of us under the guise of “being proactive” and “having it all under control” actually go ahead of the one who knows the way. We have been told severally that the future belongs to those who own it (take charge) and so we have been taking charge in the best way we know. This best way is actually my concern here. What informs your choice of a “best way”?

Now God has told us  explicitly through His Word that….

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye (Psalms 32:8 KJV)”

Going forward, I beseech you, allow Him to take the wheel and define this ‘best way’ for you. He is the Good Shepherd and He knows the way (Jhn 14:6), there is no way you can beat Him to it so just take a chill pill and follow his lead. Don’t continue to act like you know what you’re doing when you don’t (Who has “I know it all” helped). That successful man/woman that you admire is one humble person that has sought for & followed directions in the past; you can start afresh by seeking directions today and following them.

Note that “allowing Him to lead/direct you” is not complacency but wisdom; yes it is wisdom to follow the lead of/get counsel from an experienced guide when you don’t know the way. 






Do you see 2017/12/31 already?

A little over a week ago, we ushered in year 2017 with excitement, aspirations and hopes; It however worries me that many people are losing their enthusiasm & optimism already.

What are the things that made you excited about entering 2017? Was it just all about the holidays or you had cogent reasons to look forward to a brighter year? What do you want to do differently or better this year? What do you want to achieve this year? What are the plans or strategies put in place for 2017 to actually be a better year?

Enthusiasm and Optimism do not work in isolation; I do hope you have a plan to excel this year. Do you see 2017/12/31 already? Planning (with God) and sticking to this plan is what’s going to help you achieve your aspirations for the year. Proverbs 16:3(AMP) says “Commit your works to the Lord [submit and trust them to Him], and your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance].

Have a fulfilling year and please listen to https://soundcloud.com/oluwadamisi/be-intentional-abt-2017 for more inspiration.







Hello world!

I am not a writer, I am only someone that wants to air her mind here. I sincerely hope that in all of this mind airing, someone will be blessed and lives will be transformed.


In my 20+ years of existence on this earth; I have learnt that life will never generously give me its best, I really have to be determined/offensive about getting the best out of it.

Without being modest, I can confidently let you know that the surest guarantee of a progressive productive life is a progressive relationship with our Creator.

You also need to know that life freely gives everyone a fair share of its challenges, so stop acting like it is only you that has challenges. More importantly, understand that nobody owes you anything not even God (life on its own is a gift and so is every other thing)……

So please appreciate people who show you love/ are nice to you/ make effort (no matter how little) towards your progress in life and give thanks in everything.

Being grumpy has not helped anyone, so you would agree with me that “being appreciative’ is a better lifestyle to consider.

Be prepared/ready at all times and avail yourself of opportunities. Believe me, though opportunities will never announce themselves/reveal their identities, THEY ABOUND!

I have missed so many opportunities in life simply because I never envisoned a progressive productive life before now  (which is what a progressive relationship with God solved) and so I never recognised opportunities let alone make use of them. But guess what, while this story is my past, it is someone’s present. I really hope you are not that someone.

Dear reader, please be Proactive about life. Life will not willingly hand you its best else you are intentional and strategic in taking it.

Being proactive is not the same as being devious, aggressive, cunning, obnoxious or even selfish, rather it is your ability to respond to life/take an initiative to produce desired results that will bring about personal and societal fulfillment

The “Most Valuable Book of all times- The Bible” says in Eccl 10:10 that wisdom is profitable to direct, so please do well to draw wisdom from your past experiences and mistakes of others. It is no longer okay to keep making mistakes all in the name of ‘experience is the best teacher’ in this age and time where stories and information are littered everywhere on the cyber space, so please stop loafing about, wake up, learn how and start getting the best from life.




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